Becoming a Quantity Surveyor

With the UK construction industry set to grow tenfold over the next couple of years, building and construction firms will require more and more quantity surveyors in accordance.

With an increasing amount of opportunities available, more and more young people are looking at quantity surveying as a career choice.

But how do you set yourself on the path to becoming a quantity surveyor?

Degree & RICS Accreditation

Firstly, to become a quantity surveyor, one way or another you must have a degree. Preferably, if you are considering a career in quantity surveying when you are in the process of filling in your UCAS application, you will be applying for degrees that are relevant to the construction industry. However, if you are already an undergraduate or a graduate of a non-construction relevant degree, you have the option to undertake a one year RICS accredited programme which will see you become eligible for quantity surveying roles.

As one of the more technically specific areas of construction, it is very rare that you will be considered for roles without a degree, unless you have exceptional experience in the industry.

If in doubt, the RICS Official Website contains a list of all RICS associated degrees - which you can access by clicking here.

Duties of a Quantity Surveyor

Like most trades within construction, quantity surveyors will enjoy a richly diverse working landscape, with few days being the same as the previous. With a mixture of both onsite, hands on tasks, as well as meetings and other office based duties, quantity surveyors need to be quick at adapting to their surroundings.

Predominantly, quantity surveyors will choose a specific area to operate within, be it cost forecasting, building tax, existing structure surveying, or maintenance. Day to day duties can include: cost analysis, feasibility reporting, managing the work of contractors, and visits to construction sites.

Suits good communicators

The very nature of the role of a quantity surveyor demands excellent communication skills for all who enter the profession. Working with many of the core departments involved throughout the construction process, your role requires you to galvanise many of the different teams and contractors working on any given project, therefore good communication skills are imperative.

Other desirable attributes that will put you at the front of the queue for quantity surveyor recruitment include a passion for construction, high levels of energy, and a confident, positive outlook.

If you are interested in working in this area, click here to see our latest quantity surveyor roles.

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