Breaking boundaries

There was a time when Dr Who could never have been a woman.  Dr Who was a show about a male hero, battling other male villains on a weekly basis to save the universe and the damsels in distress who resided within it.  Women could be assistants to the Dr, women could play major parts in the show, but women could never have hoped to have been any more than the best supporting actress.  This was the way the world was.

Although the need for change was blindingly obvious looking back, at the time the right path was a little foggier.  Dissenting voices to the equality were far louder, those in favour of the change did not hold as much sway and change was ultimately slow. Only with the passing of time could anyone truly agree on whether the right path was taken.

We see our brand colour change in a similar fashion.  Some of you may see it as an unnecessary change.  Some of you will like the vibrancy of the new shades.  Some of you may have preferred our old, tired colours.  Whatever your viewpoint, the only people who can definitively decide on the change are some years ahead of us.

In the meantime, we can only assure you that we are confident that this is the right path for all of us involved with McGinley CEP.  The brand changes provide a vibrancy, a positivity and a fresh impetus to drive us even further along our road to success.   You may not agree right now, you may think we should have stayed as we were, but in a world where Dr Who has just been cast as a woman (in the form of the outstanding Jodie Whittaker), our brand change having the positive effects we envisage are much more than just a possibility.

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