Career construction: Setting your career foundations

Pardon the pun, but building a career in construction is just as important as any other industry that one would plan to operate within. The sheer diversity of roles that are available within the construction industry makes for a range of possibilities in terms of career paths. This week we look at how to create a powerful foundation at the start of your construction career – highlighting how a few correct decisions now, could benefit your career for years to come.

Establish which profession suits you best

As mentioned above, the construction industry is made up of a huge array of skills and professions. Whilst picking which profession to dive into, you’ll need to consider your own skills and personality traits in order to make the right choice. Draw up a list of options for yourself, and slowly tick away the professions that you have only a ‘slight’ interest in, boiling it down to the professions that you know you are best suited for, and more importantly, that you are interested in. This is the first step when setting the foundation for your construction career.

Get some voluntary work under your belt

Like most industries, the construction industry favours experience over qualifications and academic achievement. Get ahead of your peers by volunteering on weekends or evenings at a construction company. This in the eyes of an employer, shows initiative and enthusiasm for your trade – both highly valued traits within construction. Many larger contractors have schemes for young people to join that actually offers a small wage. Do your research and allocate your time to volunteering effectively to maximise job offers when you’re ready to start your career.

Identify the companies that you want to work for

Within construction, there are thousands of companies within the UK alone, each with their own set of values and company goals. Some enterprises have exceptionally good apprentice schemes which helps youngsters kick start a career in construction, whilst other companies place less importance on this. Search far and wide for the former so that you can work within a team that highly values and nurtures industry newcomers. 


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