Civil Engineering & its growing importance

With both the current worldwide construction boom and the wider debate regarding environmental policy, civil engineering has never been more relevant or important to society than it is today. With civil engineering practices affecting every area of the built environment, today we acknowledge the growing importance of a very diverse specialism within the infrastructure industry.

Of course, civil engineering is tied heavily in with the mood, economic state, and environmental policy of the country and wider international community in which it is involved in – with all aspects affecting the outcome.

Traditionally, civil engineers have to design a strategy to construct a building or structure on a very tight budget,  ultimately linking in with the state of the global economy.

The built environment can help shape the mood of a city – after all – attractive, beautiful buildings can help elevate the mood of the people.

These days, civil engineers are being drafted in to work on diverse projects differing from their traditional implantation on high-rise construction. From transport projects, to geotechnical & environmental, civils engineers now make a large contribution to making the world’s cities cleaner, safer places as well as making them economically efficient & environmentally sustainable.

After all, it was civil engineers who designed and constructed the first clean water systems. So we should count ourselves lucky to have them in our lives!

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