Fake News

The construction industry has been the subject of jokes, myths and rumours for decades.  Many start as inside jokes, quickly develop into external jokes and finally, far quicker than anyone would like, it becomes fact.  This is the age of Fake News after all.

But do these myths harm the industry?  Will these jokes lead to people getting the wrong idea about the construction industry?  Have many talented, creative people chosen to work elsewhere as a result? As (occasional) intrepid reporters we have sought out four particularly harmful myths in an attempt to debunk them and bring the masses back to construction. 

Construction is only for people who can’t get other jobs
Well we’ve started with a big one and frankly, it’s not fair. The idea that people go into construction because they can’t do anything else is a long way from the truth. Most construction workers have chosen this field because they know it pays well (with generous overtime), offers holidays and best of all, the chance to build something that will be standing longer than most people live!

Working in construction is dirty and often dangerous
There’s a ring of truth to this one, but bear with me.  Compared to an office there’s no denying that there tends to be a little more dirt (depending on how well the office cleaner is paid) and the job is slightly more dangerous than sitting on a PC, typing out blogs for example. However, the dirt does wash off at the end of the day and health & safety has become a buzzword of the last 15 years, for an extremely good reason.

Construction is only dangerous if companies and workers don’t value and stick to the health and safety practices enforced, by law, on every project. Some jobs naturally carry more risk than others, but when the rules are followed, these risks are minimal.

There’s no room for advancement or promotion in construction
Another popular myth is that a job in construction is a dead-end – there’s no way to get ahead or to achieve anything. It’s simply not true.

Whilst many construction workers do find their ideal level and are happy to stay there, it’s important to remember that those career minded individuals will find the opportunities!  Anyone who wants to get ahead can do with the right application.

Most construction workers are poorly-educated
The idea that construction workers are poorly-educated is unfair – and untrue.  Some construction workers may not have enjoyed the finer intricacies of William Blake’s poetry at school, however the core skills required to be successful in the industry demand a high-level command of maths, physics and technical design. Even if some haven’t achieved highly in school, continuous learning, improvement and adaption is vital in the industry.  Whilst the skillsets required involve contrasting abilities to those which are of a more academic persuasion, they are still skills – and valuable ones.

So what do you think?  Have we successfully debunked these myths? Did we miss a myth that really aggravates you?  Are there myths out there that are true?  Drop us an email if you think you can help with our myth busting!


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