Has LinkedIn replaced the CV in construction?

Technology – it changes things. Construction recruitment has experienced a great deal of change over the last decade due to advances in technology. The inception of the powerful recruitment tool LinkedIn has been a major contributor to said changes. But has it replaced the CV for good in regards to construction recruitment?

For employers, candidates, and clients alike, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for what is known as ‘passive recruiting’ or ‘head-hunting’. This is where employers and clients look for suitable for candidates already working in another role, and offer them a better one at another company. However, it hasn’t quite addressed changes for candidates who are actively looking for a new job.

As has been best practice for decades, when applying for a new job, it is advantageous to alter your CV per application. This means that you will stand a higher chance of being called for an interview, if you already know the criteria of the employer that you are applying to work for – altering your CV to satisfy these requirements.

Within such a skills-based industry where previous experience is everything, the CV is still playing a very important role in job seeking within the construction industry due to the above.

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