Meet Emma Harris, MCG Construction Apprentice

The logistics division of MCG Construction has 7 apprentices who are currently working within the business while studying for a range of construction focused qualifications.

This week, during National Apprenticeship Week (8-12 February), we caught up with Emma Harris who is currently completing her apprenticeship scheme with MCG Construction.

How did you hear about this apprenticeship?

I heard about the apprenticeship from a family member who at the time was working for Berkeley’s. She encouraged me to apply for the apprenticeship and through this I got placed with MCG Construction at 250 City Road, London.

What attracted you to the apprenticeship route rather than working/university?

After I finished my GCSE’s I did attend sixth form for a short time. I didn’t really enjoy the work I was doing and found no relevance to my future through what I was studying. From this I went to work at the family dog grooming business. After 3 years of dog grooming along with bar work, plus an admin role, I knew I needed something that was going to challenge me more. When I heard about the Logistics apprenticeship and read what it entailed I felt this would be something I could use previous work experience in but also challenge with new things. I learn better being more hands on compared to a class room, and an apprenticeship would give me just that.

What qualifications are you currently working towards?

The qualification I am currently studying at Croydon College is Construction Contracting Operations (CCO) Level 3.

What attracted you to the construction industry?

I was attracted to the construction industry due to my Mum’s previous career of buying and selling houses. She would buy run down properties and renovate them into new homes and sell them. I used to love watching the process and living in the houses while they were being renovated, I was always in the thick of it and it was just an atmosphere I loved.

What’s been your favourite part of the apprenticeship so far?

The whole process has been amazing. I have learnt so many things about the construction industry that I would never have known before. I have an amazing team, particularly George Perj and Brian McBrearty who are always there to help me if I don’t understand and always make the job enjoyable. There are days when it’s hard and the team can all be under a lot of pressure, but at the end of it, I always see it as a massive learning experience and building me for future Logistics Manager (hopefully with MCG at the end of the year!)

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