Promotion Announcement: Sales Director, Sarah-Jane Bradish

MCG Construction is pleased to announce the promotion of Sarah-Jane Bradish as our new Sales Director and furthermore her appointment to the Construction Board.

Sarah-Jane has been with our Construction company for 10 years, during which time she has held positions in sales and management, playing a key role in the success of the business.

Sarah-Jane started working for MCG Construction in 2011 within its recruitment division, formerly known as McGinley CEP. She has led on business development as well as being a crucial part in establishing our role as strategic partners to our clients.

The newly created Sales Director role will oversee both our Construction Recruitment and Construction Logistics businesses. A key aspect of the role will involve rolling out new technology to our existing customers to enhance service delivery, as well as building on our long-term relationships to continue maximising client opportunities.

Mark Bull, MCG Construction Managing Director, said: “This is an exciting new role within our construction business. During Sarah-Jane’s career so far with MCG Construction she’s been paramount in ensuring we work in close partnership with our clients to provide the best strategic support, tailored to their bespoke requirements. As our service offering continues to grow, I’m confident in her undeniable enthusiasm and expertise to build a delivery capability best suited to our clients’ needs.”


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