The Future of Construction?

The future of construction is always a bright one.  People want to see buildings expand upwards and outwards, they want to move from places faster, more efficiently and they generally want it done quickly!  Yet to match these ever-rocketing ambitions, the industry must look to future technological advances to ensure that the supply will always be able to meet the demand. 

One avenue that many companies appear to be exploring is the ability to utilise drones in the construction process.  Drones are frequently used to capture live events, deliver small items and are increasingly being used in law enforcement, however can the construction sector make any sort of use from this burgeoning technology?

The short answer, is yes.  Yes, of course they can.  According to a survey carried out by CNA Construction last year, many general contractors and trades are finding that drones are proving to be a real technological innovation in the industry. Contractors have reported uses for the technology ranging from providing live video feed of sites to ensure clients remain updated on progress, site inspections to ensure site safety and material mapping to help with planning, as well as extra capabilities such as virtual barriers and 3D models.

The technology has the potential to reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure safety on a site in just the short-term with even greater benefits being predicted in the long term.  It is estimated that 7,500 small commercial drones will be in use for construction at the start of 2018.

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