Three tips to help motivate your construction team

Managing a team is no easy feat. Not only do you have to take responsibility for any mistakes you and your team make, you are also in charge of the personal development of your employees, as well as keeping your eyes firmly on the bigger picture!

But with all that said, being a construction manager can be awesome. Here’s a few awesome tips to help motivate your construction team.

Dish out more responsibility

As your team progresses, they will become more and more competent at their jobs. You can encourage them even more by pushing them out of their comfort zone and giving them greater responsibility. Not only will this challenge your team, it will make them feel like they are making real career progress.

Make your positive attitude infectious

Whilst everyone appreciates a realist, as a manager, you have to let your positive attitude flourish and let this be your default position when addressing your team. The odds are that if you have a good & positive attitude to your work, then your team will follow suit.

Make short-term deadlines & recognise rewards

We know, this sounds like two-tips-in-one, but these two tips go hand-in-hand.

Giving people precise expectations can be very helpful. Too often employees are lumbered with fuzzy direction and distant deadlines that aren’t helpful on a day-to-day basis, and can really de-motivate people.

Combat this by setting short-term deadlines that push your team. And then, make sure you reward their excellent & timely work in whichever way is appropriate. 


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