Why do we need PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

To some, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may seem unnecessary as a code of practice for some construction sites, but there are many reasons why so many construction firms are stringent on its application – and why they come down heavily on those employees who choose not to wear their protective clothing.

We all deserve to stay safe at work – and with the physically demanding nature of construction, more attention has been paid over the years on the ongoing welfare of construction workers; therefore, adhering to your employers PPE guidelines is vital to both your health and your career!

Put simply, PPE exists to help prevent the risk of workplace injury, and at its most basic, should include: hard-hat helmets, steel-cap boots, clear protection glasses or goggles, gloves, and high-vis jackets & trousers.

Typically, this will help construction workers deal with fire risk, heavy lifting, hazardous substances, dangerous machinery, and extremely hot, or cold temperatures. Your PPE should fit you properly, as ill-fitting equipment will put you at further risk from one of the above.

When you begin working on a construction project, you will be inducted onto the site (first and foremost) – which outlines all of the health and safety aspects that you will be expected to meet without exception, as well as your PPE requirements.

If you are visiting a construction site, the main contractor will often put you through a visitor’s induction where you will be introduced to the individual rules of the site, and will be briefed about the site-specific PPE that is required.

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