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Consolidation centres

Our consolidation centres allow for project goods to be securely stored and delivered as necessary.

Material distribution

Our consolidation centres help to manage the logistics of our projects

MCG Construction provide comprehensive storage and distortion of materials for projects through consolidation centres. These centres assist with the management of materials for projects with space constraints. Our consolidation centres require extensive planning and programming to manage the flow of delivery and material movement throughout the site.


Ensuring optimum efficiency and productivity

We promote forward-planning:

  • Delivery Management System is used to book deliveries in advance
  • All Deliveries are scheduled to arrive in line with the project programme
  • Deliveries to site are managed on a Just in Time basis


Ensuring quality control of materials for projects

We ensure all deliveries are correct:

  • Quality control process on delivery
  • Packaging materials can be removed and recycled prior to transfer to site
  • Materials can be broken down into smaller packages for the Trade Contractors

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