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Construction Welfare Solutions

By providing high quality facilities, MCG Construction continuously demonstrates to site workers that their welfare, safety & comfort are of utmost importance to our clients, motivating them to perform to the best of their ability.


Supply, installation & operation

We pride ourselves on how we set up a safe, secure and comfortable site for workers through our welfare solutions. Our experienced logistics team manage the supply, installation and operation of:

  • Accommodation blocks
  • Temporary services
  • Canteen

We understand the importance of providing high quality welfare facilities & ensure these are properly managed through regular maintenance.


Regular cleaning & maintenance

Looking after people’s welfare and comfort on site is of great importance. Our solutions also help to project the right image to site visitors and the general public.

Our welfare provisions will typically include the regular cleaning and maintenance of:

  • WCs & washrooms supplied
  • Changing & Drying rooms
  • Site offices & temporary rooms
  • Communal & accom. areas
  • Canteen

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