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Ricky Robson

Ricky's bio

Hi, I'm Ricky and I'm the Operations Director for MCG Construction. I lead the recruitment division of this business, working closely alongside our logistics division.

I manage our 4 offices in the UK and look to drive the business forward whilst always improving what we do. I still get involved in recruitment as I think being hands-on and knowing the market is key in our industry. I tend to get involved in senior-level appointments on a permanent and freelance basis but when the team needs an extra set of hands I'll fill any job that's going! I still get a buzz and enjoy filling jobs but my passion now is sitting down with our clients on a strategic level and helping them with my knowledge of this market.

I have 15 years of experience in construction recruitment, with my career starting at Hill McGlynn. Over the years I have concentrated in London but in the last 2 years clients have approached me to help them out internationally - and now I have covered and filled jobs all across Europe.

My favourite thing about my job is meeting and speaking with new people. I also love fixing problems and coming up with solutions both for MCG Construction and especially for our clients. I am and always have been super competitive so if it's us vs another agency I relish this opportunity to show them why we are a partner of choice.

When I'm not at work, you'll find me either at home with my 2 sons, Rocco and Rai, or playing sports. As above I'm super competitive and still think I can play football but also box to keep fit. During COVID I decided to take up cycling and now cycle 90 miles a week to get into work. However, the main reason I do so much exercise is due to my love of anything sweet. I have been known to eat 3 desserts in a row and a whole box of crispy cremes.

My interesting fact is that I have met the Queen. I was invited by CSV (a children's charity) to an event at St James Palace where the Queen was in attendance. I wrongly assumed that The Queen was just going to be in attendance and so I decided to take advantage of the free champagne. After one too many, I had some very serious security guards coming over to me to ask if I was Ricky Robson. It turns out I was going to meet the Queen personally and had to have a conversation with her! I'm not sure your Royal Highness was ready to meet a recruiter who'd had too much drink but it was a great achievement. My mum still has the photo up in her kitchen!

Lastly, our industry gets a very bad rep and I want to improve this. I want us to challenge the stereotype and not only deliver a valuable service but also be a company that really helps people. If you think we can do anything better or have any suggestions please get in touch!

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