Crane driver / Crane operator

  • England, UK
  • £1,026 - £2,000 per week
  • Permanent

Job Title: Crane Operator / Crane Driver

Job Class: Lifting Team

Location: Hinkley Point Somerset

Salary: 1000 - 2000 a week ( Per week , depending on Hours worked and experience )

MCG Construction has a new opportunity for a qualified Crane Driver / Crane Operative for a major contract in Hinkley Point Somerset


2+ years


48 HOURS ( Site is open 24/7 , 7 days a week. SO THERES ALOT OF EXTRA HOURS ,WE HAVE NIGHT SHIFTS & WEEKENDS )

PAY: Minimum to maximum Estimated Gross Pay (Per Week) - Does not include Overtime + Nightshifts.

Blue card : Up to £1,600 (+ £291 Digs allowance)

Weekend overtime:

Saturday - 1st 4 hours at time and half. All others hours at double time)

Sunday - All hours at double time

Night shift Pay:

attracts a 25% uplift on base pay.

Accommodation & Rent :( PAID FOR BY THE COMPANY)

£291 a week


30days including bank holidays

The Role :

Responsible for lifting and moving materials around a construction site as safely and efficiently as possible. As a crane driver you'd need to be practically-minded, with an understanding of how to drive and maintain heavy machinery.

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