Unit (logistic/Project) highways manager

  • Ipswich, UK
  • £60,000 - £65,000 per annum
  • Permanent

Location: Ipswich, Suffolk

Reporting to: Business Manager,

Direct Reports: Management and staff of Roadstone Business unit team as shown on the Organisation Chart. (7)

Job Purpose: The Unit manager role is a P&L accountable position responsible for the Operational, Technical and Logistics performance of the site.

The operational element is to ensure that the all operational aspects of asphalt production, raw material procurement, shipping, outbound freight, cost management and associated activities are managed to the highest Health, Safety and Environmental standards. Ensuring material quality and service meets or exceeds our customer expectations. The effective use of equipment and control of expenditure, ensuring maximum Margin, Profitability and return on capital employed.

The Role: The Unit Manager will provide strong and inspirational leadership and direction to the Roadstone team, ensuring a clear, shared sense of purpose and a corporate "one team" culture. This will be a highly autonomous leadership role. Ensuring that the company continues to perform well, through your hands-on leadership approach, your specific goals will be:

  • To grow and develop the Unit through product innovation, particularly aligned to the company's Green agenda;
  • Develop a more modern and efficient manufacturing operation through the introduction of LEAN processes and Continuous Improvement techniques;
  • Identify opportunities for commercial and economical savings, particularly around energy costs;
  • Full Profit & Loss responsibility and management of your dedicated business;
  • Develop business opportunities in their infancy through to profitable mature businesses,
  • Identify opportunities for savings, particularly around reduction of wastes;
  • To ensure the unit staff are adequately trained
  • Awareness of forthcoming production needs
  • Understanding the market including competitor activity
  • Monthly production reporting
  • Communication and motivation skills
  • Continual improving of all unit systems

Key Tasks

  • Establish a clear operational targets to meet business strategy and lead the employees to deliver it.
  • Understand the national and local asphalt market including competitor activity.
  • A detailed understanding of asphalt management accounts, including trading/merchanting accounts and those of JV's
  • Ensure staff are suitably trained, motivated and equipped to undertake the duties required of them.
  • Continuously improve and implement the Company IMS policies and procedures.
  • Monitor and prepare for all aspects of forthcoming production needs
  • Produce reports and analyse and report on financial and other data.
  • Manage own time effectively in a fast paced ever changing environment being able to focus on the important and delegate or negate that that isn't.
  • Ensure a current cost of production by product at all times
  • Lead the operational activity of the Asphalt Production business drawing on own experience and internal and external best practice to ensure operational excellence.
  • Responsibility for Health, Safety & Environment & actions of all operations personnel.
  • Create an innovative team who will invoke a culture change to embrace 'best in class' products, services, methods & processes.
  • Secure a fully embedded Performance Management Culture, ensuring that the Unit has the required shared understanding, systems, processes &expertise in place to drive continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that the Unit has adequate resources including raw materials and haulage.
  • Manage and support the Roadstone Quality System and to advise and audit Integrated Management System. This includes accreditations under BBA/HAPAS, ISO14001 and OSHAS 18001 ISO9001 and EUETS compliance.
  • Digitalisation of systems to move the business to a totally paperless business;
  • Actively foster a positive staff morale.
  • Provide technical support, problem solving and complaint resolution for internal and external clients.


  • SHE Performance
  • Financial Performance
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Motivation of staff

Personal Skills and Attributes

Qualification Ideally an Engineering, Technical or Management degree, but qualification by experience is equally valued.

Skills The successful candidate will ideally have the following proven experience/skills:

  • Can communicate effectively and concisely in writing and verbally with key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Operational management and development of key value chain relationships.
  • Good financial understanding at all stages of business.
  • Entrepreneurial outlook which enables them to identify new improvements.
  • Working to very high quality standards and ensuring that quality specifications are followed and implemented.
  • Knowledgeable in, and up-to-date in, using modern techniques in manufacturing.
  • Managing, motivating and gaining commitment from all levels of employees.
  • Be knowledgeable about, health and safety legislation, procedures and standards and ensuring that all employees are appropriately trained and rigorously follow safe working practices.



Has the ability to inspire, generate and maintain dynamism, growing a clear sense of purpose in individuals, through directing their output towards the business needs and targets. The skills involved will include decisiveness, people skills, ability to inspire confidence, interest and drive in others during times of considerable pressure and adversity.

Strategic Vision

Possess the insight and skills to develop a medium to longer-term vision and turn it into a strategic plan; comfortable with all forms of strategic information, using it to produce plans to develop the business. The skills involved will include the ability to analyse the environment, marketplace and strategic capability of the business unit, anticipate the effect of market trends, understand and evaluate the medium to long term choices available, the ability to select the most appropriate course of action that will differentiate the business within the market sector and the determination of strategic implementation.

Business & Commercial Acumen

Identify opportunities to grow the client base, seek high margin work, reduce unnecessary costs; recognises and controls resources and costs; always looking for business solutions that add value to existing and potential customers, the business and the group, ultimately increasing the profits and shareholder value of the business.

The skills involved will include being results driven, persuasive and influencing with the ability to monitor critical success factors, describe and continuously benchmark the business, highlight the importance of the 'value chain', define how changes in the external market effects the business, develop and maintain excellent client relationships, show excellent practical, workable problem solving skills and prove you are commercially astute.

Personal Drive

Set high and demanding goals, possessing the drive and determination to see them through, persistent and tenacious when faced with changes or setbacks. The skills involved will include the ability to highlight areas or improvement, take relevant action and show infectious enthusiasm,

Management of Change

Adapt to meet new challenges in addition to identifying and introducing changes in order to meet the future requirements of the business unit. Always seek improvements and ways to add value. Help others to be receptive and responsive to change. The skills involved will include a positive attitude to change, resilience and positive attitude when under considerable pressure, being a champion for strategic change, enthusiasm to accept/embrace change, the wish to influence and alter events, ability to think clearly and quickly under pressure, and to anticipates future events


Communicate clearly and concisely, adapting style to the audience to ensure maximum impact. Actively listen to others, demonstrating empathy, sensitive to the skills and views of others, asking sell-structured and searching questions. The skills involved will include the ability to structure and communicate the most difficult ideas and information with relative ease, to provide straightforward and accurate information about the most difficult and complex issues or policies to a range of different audiences, to use excellent questioning skills and active listening skills, the ability to demonstrate a large network of contacts and the ability to express your views with absolute clarity, always backed up with evidence and being able to articulate with well-chosen language, which is appropriate to the audience and with a persuasive and empathic style.

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